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This web site provides information about software created or distributed by the Center for Animal Health and Productivity.

General information about the Center for Animal Health and Productivity is now located here: Penn Vet Research Centers.

CPM Help Files on Windows 10

Just a quick note. The CPM help file system no longer works under Windows 10. The Winhlp32.exe files are not supported in Windows 10.

Categories: CPM

DRA Toggles and Shortcuts

Macro Keys Description
Ctrl+Shift+H Return to this page
Ctrl+Shift+P Toggle peptide
Ctrl+Shift+L Toggle liquid passage
Ctrl+Shift+T Toggle linear
Ctrl+Shift+N Toggle SlowRDP rate
Ctrl+Shift+C Toggle Calc AvNDF rate
Ctrl+Shift+S Show/hide sheets
Ctrl+Shift+B Show/hide buttons
Ctrl+Shift+U Show/hide Amt!D:I
Ctrl+Shift+O Goto solver constraints
Ctrl+Shift+R Goto evaluation report
Ctrl+Shift+G CPM calculations
Ctrl+Shift+Z CPM optimizer
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