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Managing Reproduction

  • If pregnancy rate (PR) is less than 20% you should be using a synchronization program for first insemination
  • If days between breedings is greater than 42 days you should be using a postbreeding synchronization program coordinated with pregnancy examinations
  • Compliance with a program can be evaluated using REPMON
  • 1. distribution of days to first breeding
  • 2. distribution of days between inseminations
  • Problem(s) - PRs less than 18% on a synchronization program
  • 1. compliance is low - too many inseminations not synchronized
  • 2. CR less than 30%
  • CR problems - questions to verify
  • 1. is the inseminator competent
  • 2. is semen of good quality
  • 3. are the cows fertile
  • 3.1 have cows cycled prior to 30 days postcalving
  • 3.2 have cows received lutalyse injection prior to 40 days postcalving
  • 3.3 proportion of cows with periparturient problems >40% (dystocia, RP, metritis, milk fever, ketosis, DA, lameness, mastitis, high linear score)
  • 3.4 have cows lost more than ¾ of a body condition score
  • 3.5 are cows below a 2.5 in BSC at insemination
  • 4. are cows milking over 90 pounds at first insemination
  • 5. seasonal influence on CR
  • REPMON use for trouble shooting CR problems
  • 1. are there significant differences in CR between parity groups
  • 2. are there significant differences in CR between days postpartum
  • 2.1 time effects on DFB
  • 2.2 changes in CR from first to second to third insemination
  • 3. seasonal effects by calving or breeding season


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