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How are lactation groups determined?

Lactation groups (libCalc.mBuckets.Buckets)

  • Number of bred cows < 51: All cows
  • Number of bred cows < 101: 1st, 2nd+ and All cows
  • Number of bred cows >=101: 1st, 2nd, 3rd+ and All cows.

How is HDE determined?

HDE is determined as follows:

If the postHDR Services 1-2 All Lactations is <> 0 then that is HDE

Else if postHDR Services Sum of 1 - 2, 2 - 3 and 3 - 4 All Lactations <> 0 then that is the HDE

—- Alternate HDE used for estimating pregnancies Else

—- Use only reported pregnancies

HDE is always ⇐ .22

How is the VWP determined?

VWP - Voluntary wait period (libCalc.mBuckets.Buckets)

VWP is the number of days to first breeding for this bred cow (where the cows are sorted in ascending order by days to 1st breeding) : .05*NumberOfBredCows rounded to the nearest whole cow.

For 100 bred cows, sorted by days to first breeding, the VWP is days to first breeding for the fifth cow.

What do the Brdng worksheet repcodes mean?

0 - Open/Unknown status

2 - Do not breed

3 - Pregnant



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