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RepMon FAQ

How are lactation groups determined?

Lactation groups (libCalc.mBuckets.Buckets)

  • Number of bred cows < 51: All cows
  • Number of bred cows < 101: 1st, 2nd+ and All cows
  • Number of bred cows >=101: 1st, 2nd, 3rd+ and All cows.
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Managing Reproduction

  • If pregnancy rate (PR) is less than 20% you should be using a synchronization program for first insemination
  • If days between breedings is greater than 42 days you should be using a postbreeding synchronization program coordinated with pregnancy examinations
  • Compliance with a program can be evaluated using REPMON
  • 1. distribution of days to first breeding
  • 2. distribution of days between inseminations
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