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DRA Toggles and Shortcuts

Macro Keys Description
Ctrl+Shift+H Return to this page
Ctrl+Shift+P Toggle peptide
Ctrl+Shift+L Toggle liquid passage
Ctrl+Shift+T Toggle linear
Ctrl+Shift+N Toggle SlowRDP rate
Ctrl+Shift+C Toggle Calc AvNDF rate
Ctrl+Shift+S Show/hide sheets
Ctrl+Shift+B Show/hide buttons
Ctrl+Shift+U Show/hide Amt!D:I
Ctrl+Shift+O Goto solver constraints
Ctrl+Shift+R Goto evaluation report
Ctrl+Shift+G CPM calculations
Ctrl+Shift+Z CPM optimizer

Home page

Ctrl+Shift+H returns you to the ration Home worksheet which contains the menu buttons, license information and a picture of Spot.

Toggle peptide

Ctrl+Shift+P toggles between two methods of calculating PeptideUptakePerDay (AEBG!C54). Using the sub model is the method used in CPM 3.0.8. The alternate method uses the RDPEP (AERD!V41) which is also calculated in the model.

Toggle liquid passage

Ctrl+Shift+L provides an alternative method of calculating the ruminal digestibility and ruminal escapes for the Protein A1 and B1 fractions and sugar (CHO-A4). Instead of using the RumenPassageRate for each feed the calculated LiquidPassage rate is used. The altered equations are listed below (mix equations are also altered but not shown here).

RumenPassageRate AERD!C26:AU26
LiquidPassageRate AEBG!C43

Toggle linear

Ctrl+Shift+T switches from the Non-linear solving method to the modified linear solving method and changes the calculations for the following:

Base Met Amt!P59
ME Req Amt!K60
MP Req Amt!K61
Rumen peptides Amt!K66
Lysine Amt!K68
PeptideUptakeN AENB!AV8
PeptideRqdN AENB!AV9
DietAmmonia AENB!AV11
RecycledAmmonia AENB!AV13
PDMI-Heifer RQDM!B20

Toggle SlowRDP (ProtB3) rate

Ctrl+Shift+N toggles between using rate used in calculating SlowRDP (AERD!C40:AU40). SlowRDP Rate uses the feeds SlowRDP Rate from FR1!C118:AU118. The alternate method uses the AvNDF (CHO-B3) Rate (AEFF!C78:AU78) which is affected by the Calc AvNDF (CHO-B3)Rate toggle.

Toggle calculate AvNDF (CHO-B3) rate

Ctrl+Shift+C toggles the the AvNDF Rate from value entered on the feed worksheet (FR1!C39:AU39) to a calculated value based on the feed's CP, ADF, NDF and Lignin values.

adf_ndf AEFF!C75:AU75
lig_ndf*adf_ndf AEFF!C76:AU76
Calc Kd AEFF!C77:AU77
ChoB3Rate AEFF!C78:AU78

Show/hide sheets

Ctrl+Shift+S hides most of the calculation workseets, such AEFF, RQDM, etc. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+S again will show the hidden worksheets.

Show/hide buttons

Ctrl+Shift+B will show or hide the buttons on the Home worksheet.

Show/hide Amt!D:I

Ctrl+Shift+U will show or hide columns D:I on the Amt worksheet.

View constraints

Ctrl-Shift-O takes you the Optimizer COnstraint Analysis Report where you can see which constraints are binding or exceeded.

Evaluation report

Ctrl+Shift+R takes you to the Evaluation Report on the RpEVA worksheet.

CPM calculations

Ctrl+Shift+G will calculate ration values using the CPM 3.0.8 dll and place them in the CPM_Out and CPM_Out2 worksheets.

CPM optimizer

Ctrl+Shift+Z will attempt to find an optimal ration using the CPM optimzer dll.


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