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RepMon Autorun

You can configure RepMon 2017-0118 and later to process a data a file then exit. This article show you how to set up RepMon to open a file and process it. You can use the Windows Task Scheduler to open RepMon at a preset time.

rm Configure autorun menu

  • Open the file you wish to autorun normally to check that it is imported correctly.
  •  Select "Configure AutoRun" from the "Repro Monitor" menu on the ribbon bar.

Select the autorun data file

  • Check "AutoRun RepMon"
  • Select the file to use in AutoRun. If you ran the file through to check it, the name should be the file you want.
  • Click OK
  • Save the file.
  • Exit Excel
  • The next time you run that spreadsheet it will load the file and run the calculations, then exit.
  • Before it exits you should see this:

Click OK to stop autorun macro

  • Click "OK" to stop the macro from exiting Excel. You can then turn off autorun or change files or whatever. The dialog should close in 5 to 10 seconds if "OK" is not pressed.


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