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Running RepMon from the Windows Task Scheduler

This is a short tutorial on how to use Windows Task Scheduler to autorun RepMon at a given time.


Start task scheduler

Start the Task Scheduler and Create Basic Task

Name the taskGive the task a name and description. Take a hint from Spot and give a description. It makes much easier to find your task in the list later. ;-)

Select a triggerSelect a trigger. I chose to run this task monthly.

Select when it will runSelect when you want your task to run. This screen will vary depending on the trigger you selected.

Select start a programTell the Task Scheduler you want to run a program.

Set the program pathYou can use the browse button to locate the Excel program file on your computer.

In "Add arguments" type in the fully qualified location of your RepMon data file. In this case it is in "C:\Users\thomsen\Documents\repmon\testFile.csv"

Click finishClick "Finish"!

Review and testYour newly created task should now appear in the Task List. Select it and then Select "Run" from the right hand column. Excel should start, open RepMon, load the data file and then exit.


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