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Creating a batch mix spreadsheet

Joe Bender is working with a farmer and they are using Google Sheets to create a report that the farmer can view on his phone when he goes to mix the feed. I think this is a really great idea. First it allows Joe and the farmer to easily share data and secondly, it brings us closer to the paperless farm. ;-)

Joe has some ideas that he would like to implement down the road to keep track of feed inventories and project future feed consumption but still keep to a basic spreadsheet.  He was nice enough to ask me to take a look at it and it looks like it could be fun, even for someone like me that doesn't even have a cell phone.

Currently the spreadsheet has a page listing all the feeds and all the rations.

batchMix ingredientsNot all the feeds are used in each ration. So you want to pull out a list of only those feeds in the ration that you are interested in and not have blank rows between feeds.

batchMix ration oneIt is really amazing what you can do in spreadsheets. I found Excel Magic Trick 185 on YouTube which does exactly what I wanted, pull out the feeds from the Ingredient sheet that are in Ration 1 and have no blank rows between feeds. This range is dynamic, so if you add/change/zero a feed amount the new ration composition shows up in the ration sheet.

There are still a lot of things to work on and look at, but this was an interesting start.

(( These project is currently on the back burner ))


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