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CPM Dairy Common Problems

CPM Frequently Asked Questions

The following information is taken from the automated CPM Dairy support reponse e-mail message

(1) -70 Permission Denied:

Suggested problem solution:

  • Shut down CPM-Dairy.
  • Find the file c:\Program Files\CPM-DairyV3\CPMData10.mdb (The “Program Files” part may be “Archivos de programa” on Spanish language computers.)
  • Rename CPMData10.mdb to CPMData10._mdb_ (to make it different).
  • Re-start CPM-Dairy.

(2) Component VSPrint or VSFlex problems:

Suggested problem solution:

  • Uninstall CPM-Dairy through Control Panel –> Program and Features (or Add/Remove programs, etc.).
  • Re-install CPM-Dairy from the web site.

If the problem persists, follow the steps indicated in the FAQ section of the web site.

(3) CPM-Dairy General Installation

Windows 7. If you have problems installing, check with your operating system provider or computer manufacturer. There are no problems currently with installing CPM-Dairy on any of these operating systems on a Windows PC.

We do not provide support for installing on any virtual machine type operating environments.

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