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Spot's Travels

Spot in the pastureThese are some pictures Spot took on some of her many travels. These used to be on the old web site and have just been rediscovered. Enjoy!
Spot at Yalta

This is one of Spot's oldest pictures. Here we see her at Yalta with Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin. During the photo op Spot tried to eat Comrade Stalin's hat much to the amusement of Mr Churchill.

Spot and the Pope

Spot traveled to Rome where she met the Pope.

Spot at the parade

Spot loves a good military parade just as much as a certain US President. Here we see Spot celebrating May Day in Red Square.

Spot and the Queen

Here Spot visits with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Spot enjoyed her visit with the Queen but was less thrilled with her later visit to Wales. "Too many sheep" Spot complained.


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