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Feedbank Update Files

Important Information About the Downloads!

Please remember that the downloaded feedbank file may contain updated versions of feeds that may still appear in the CPM built-in feed dictionary. Loading a feedbank file into CPM-Dairy will not replace feeds in the built-in CPM-Dairy feed dictionary. These feeds are in addition to the installed CPM feed dictionary.

Before allowing CPM-Dairy to modify existing rations based on loaded feedbanks, be sure that you understand how this mechanism works. Be sure that you understand what feeds in your ration will automatically be updated if you select “yes” to modify an existing ration.

Be sure that you know which feeds have been affected in these updates: some feeds are updates to existing feeds, some are new feeds and some are re-named feeds. An Excel file containing information about all updates contained in the feed updates for July 2010 is available on the web site. Preview all documentation on the site before using these feedbank files.

This feed data is provided solely for the convenience of users of the CPM-Dairy software. Verify that any feed is correct before using this feed data in any rations.

By proceeding with this download you acknowledge that you are responsible for correctly choosing feeds to use in preparing rations.

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